About Us

We are two linguists and a lawyer. There’s a joke in there somewhere: Two linguists and a lawyer walk into a bar…

We have been working together in eDiscovery for a long time. We specialize in large-scale, forensic investigation of unstructured text-based natural language in the context of litigation support.

We also work with academics, from economists to engineers, doing “big data” related research.

We like text. The more, the better. We like figuring out how to identify and measure ideas and information buried in very large collections of the stuff.

Here are out official bios from our company website:

Suzanne Smith, JD: Suzanne is the founder and CEO of Illocution Inc. She holds a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara CA, and a BA in International Studies from The American University, Washington DC. For the past decade, Suzanne has been on the cutting edge of linguistic research, helping legal clients develop search and retrieval protocols, creating language-based means of document review, and performing focused investigation in large document collections.

Betsy Barry, PhD: Betsy is VP of Research and Development. She earned her doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Georgia with concentrations in Language Variation, Corpus Linguistics and Humanities computing. Since 2003 her research has been focused on developing and implementing linguistically-principled, data-driven methodologies for large-scale, text-based language corpora. These methodologies cover the spectrum of linguistic analyses, from fine-tuned forensic investigation to data trending.

Clayton Darwin, PhD: Clayton is our Chief Technology Officer and Senior Developer. He holds a doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Georgia with concentrations in Language Variation and Natural Language Processing. For the past decade Clayton has worked in the legal field in eDiscovery and litigation support. His primary expertise lies in the development of computer-assisted methods and applications for large-scale document analysis and investigation.

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